Connect with Your Lawn & Garden Customers in a New Way – Consult & Guide Using Science!

A Program that Turns Soil Analysis Into a Scientifically-based
Solution Ensuring Optimal Growing Results for Your Customers

Soil Analysis

It all starts with a soil sample. It’s accurate and fast! Results are back from our lab within 36 hours. Thanks to our soilWIZARD the Store Associate can consult with the customer on how best to remediate and maintain their lawn and garden all supported by science.

Our soilWIZARD

Our software provides your Lawn & Garden Center with the ability to transform soil analysis results into an easily understood, multi-season nutrient management guide. You can now show your customer what needs to be applied, when and how much, and most importantly all products presented by the soilWIZARD are those stocked on your store’s shelves.

Prescription Soil Solutions

12 Month Calendar with Detailed Instructions

Our software solution provides your customers with customized instructions for maintaining their lawns and gardens using the quality products you sell and they’ve come to trust. Our software also aids in your marketing efforts as emails can be sent reminding the customer to return for the next season’s products.

Learn how Prescription Soil Solutions can deliver the Lawn & Garden Centers 2 most important goals:

  • Increase dollars sold per sales ticket
  • Increase customer dependency and actual store visits every year

Using scientific soilANALYSIS data and our incredibly powerful soilWIZARD algorithm, this system is programmed to ensure the following:

    • boost sales revenue
    • assist your sales staff
    • increase customer
    • store visits

Our process begins with the sale of a soil kit. Within 36 hours the soil analysis is returned and the customer is back in your store to review the results! Thanks to our incredibly powerful algorithm, your staff is able to provide a multi-season Nutrient Management Plan detailing which of the items on YOUR shelf should be applied, in what amounts and at what time of year to ensure optimal results.

Your customer can rest assured that the products being recommended are based on his unique needs, supported by scientifically-derived results, all made available by your trusted Lawn and Garden Center staff.

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