The Best & Fastest Soil Test

A One-of-a-Kind Program of Soil Analysis, Customer Advice and Fulfillment

For the first time your field and service sales staff can offer an understandable nutrient management program providing the homeowner a scientific basis for the nutrient and amendment applications you recommend.

Prescription Soil Solutions (PSS) is now offering a suite of products that provides lawncare and landscape professionals a proven method to enhance and maintain one of your customer’s most prized assets – the lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers surrounding their home.

Routinely taken soil test results will be used by in-field staff to develop a plan  demonstrating the merits of a scientifically derived, Multi-Season Nutrient and Amendment Plan customized to your customer’s property and growing circumstances.

A plan detailing what nutrient products to apply, how much to apply and in what season each product should be applied to achieve optimal results.

Soil Analysis

Participating Lawn Care operators purchase Prescription Soil Solutions Soil Test Kits, with pre-addressed, postage-paid kits customized for your business.


Our SoilWIZARD recommendation engine generates a Multi-Season Nutrient Management Program specifying which nutrient and amendment products you will need to remediate and enhance the customer’s soil.

A Year Long Nutrient Plan

Give your customers customized instructions for maintaining their lawns and gardens throughout the entire year.

Learn how the Best & Fastest Soil Test can deliver more sales throughout the year


The World’s Best Soil Test for Lawns

  • Soil Test Kit
  • Pre-paid Shipping
  • Soil Analysis – Ready in 7 – 9 days!


Soil Test + Year-Long Instructions for Lawns

  • Year-Long Instructions
  • Nutrient Management Plan
  • Product Recommendations
  • Organic Growing Options

With thinkSOIL Plus, we’ll use your soil test analysis to tell you the products you’ll need to apply and when to apply them.

Equipped with the scientifically derived Nutrient Management Plan all the guesswork is removed as the service prescribes what fertilizer or amendment to apply spring, summer, fall and early winter as well as the amount needed in the season the test is initially done.

Your customer can rest assured that the products being recommended are based on his unique needs, supported by scientifically generated results, all made available by their trusted lawn and landscape professional.

We Know Soil Science!

Using science and a powerful suite of software, we enhance how your business services and retains customers.

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