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Taking the Lawn, Garden or Landscape soilSAMPLE is easy!

Scientific soilANALYSIS Results

Participating Lawn and Garden Centers (L&GC) purchase each soil analysis, recommendation, and calendar maintenance schedule from PrescriptionSOIL, passing the program cost to your customer.

The homeowner gets a soil test kit from their participating L&GC and sends the soil sample to PrescriptionSOIL’s independent lab for expert analysis. Test can be tailored for lawns, yardscapes, and flower and vegetable beds.

Greatest Lawn & Garden Invention Since the Shovel

Gone are the days of waiting weeks to receive a soil analysis from a university extension office.  Test results loaded with jargon and instructions difficult for all but a trained soil scientist to understand.

We provide you and your customers with an easy-to-understand report  ready in 36 hours from receipt of the sample at our Lab. Most importantly, we equip both your staff and the DIY Homeowner with the knowledge needed to purchase the correct nutrients, in the correct amounts….. YOUR products!

What Do We soilANALYZE?

We analyze for the following nutrients and properties showing those components that may fall below an optimal level necessary to achieve the best possible growing conditions for the chosen plant type:

  • Soil pH

  • Organic Matter

  • Capacity to Retain Nutrients


Our soil test gets to the root of the problem

It’s EASY!

A little dirt goes a long way.

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